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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcomed Asher, Chester, Oskar, Olive, Nash, Austin and Forrest this morning with lots of cuddles. We started our day singing ‘’good morning’’ song with our babies. Welcome to babies two Asher. You done great on your first day at kindy as you happily explored your new environment and reached to your educators as you felt safe. Also you engaged with both indoor and outdoor experiences making such a great bond with your peers. Well done Asher. Chester had such a great day in babies and he is well settled in his new room as he has been visiting babies two quite few times. He already made such a strong connection with his friends and educators.

We started our day having some yummy morning tea and everyone practiced their self-help skills by using spoons to feed themselves. Well done babies two. After we got cleaned up everyone headed to the small yard to engage with a puppet show with Miss.Hansani. Miss.Hansani used few different puppets and she had two puppets in her hands while she was reading the story. Olive and Forrest were very curious to listen to the story while Oskar and Chester had trying some puppets in their hands. Then Miss.Tatiane joined With our babies and read a story called ‘’That’s not my sloth’’. Nash and Austin loved touching and feeling the sensory parts of the book at the end of the story.

Then we all headed to the big yard after and angaged with some more challenging experiences such as climbing, running, jumping, engage with obstacle courses, ride the donkeys and play with the hula-hoops. It’s been so much fun. When it was the time to get ready for the lunch we headed back to room and sat at the table. While Miss.Hansani was doing nappies, Miss.Tatiane had blow some bubbles and everyone got so excited and started to pop all the bubbles. Then we encouraged everyone doing a free drawing with red, orange and yellow colour pencils as an extension for the fire truck visit yesterday.

We are having a trouble uploading the photos again and we apologise for any inconvenience.

It has been such an amazing day. Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Tatiane.