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Good afternoon to our lovely families,

Today has been a wonderful Thursday. Today we welcome Parker, Olivia, Olive, Daris and Winston. While waiting for everyone to arrive we all explored babies three room before moving over to our room to have some morning tea. Before having morning tea, we washed out hands and sat down nicely at the table. Afterwards we explored the room for a little bit as it was raining, and we could not go outside.  We all enjoyed stacking the colourful blocks on top then knocking it down as we would all burst out giggling.  We also enjoyed playing with the animals and making the sounds of the animal. Olivia was amazing at identify what animal was what when Miss Jess and Miss Danica asked her. Olive, Daris and Winston could all make the sound of the animal when Miss Danica asked them what sound it made. We all enjoyed spending some quality time building our friendships with each other. Afterwards it was time to go outside as it had stopped raining. Miss Danica had some jelly for us all to play with.

When we all moved outside to play with some jelly, Winston and Daris got stuck in straight away by sticking their hands in the jelly and breaking it apart. Daris enjoyed running his fingers through the jelly and picking pieces up and placing them back in the bowl, Winston loved playing with the jelly he especially loved the taste had he ate handfuls of jelly with the biggest smile on his face. Olive and Olivia were very intrigued by the jelly when it was first placed on the ground, Olivia pointed out how the jelly was really cold, and decided she just wanted to watch and sat next to Olive who also didn’t like the feeling of the cold jelly on her fingers.

Before lunch Miss Jess sat down with everyone and read some books. We all picked That’s Not My Puppy and Hide and Seek in the Jungle. Everyone giggled while reading these books and we loved hearing the amazing stories.

Much Love Miss Jess and Miss Danica xoxo 😊