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Jingeri families,

My friends and I have had yet another great day as we march towards the end of the week. Noah, Ivy, Jackson, Lara, and Emmett joined us today to enjoy a good session of playtime indoors and outdoors.

Thursday is our day where we focus on the learning outcome of ‘Connectedness’. This sense of connection to ones environment and society is fundamental to establishing secure relationships with each other. At Riversdale Early Learning we are guided by a Social-Constructivist perspective on child development, which is underpinned by the idea that we are shaped by our social connections. So today we immersed ourselves in connecting with each other to form trusting respectful friendships.

I am delighted with the progress my baby humans are making. They are communicating and expressing themselves, laughing and sharing their emotions freely. We are enjoying each others company, and getting to know each other in all circumstances. The bonds are deepening, and our connections are stronger.

I look forward to tomorrow.