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Good afternoon families…

What a wonderful active Thursday it has been. Today we had Welcomed Winston, Bella-Rose, Forrest, Parker, Olive and Olivia into babies three room. it was fantastic to see everyone I their PJ’s! While we were exploring the room, I had seen Winston interested with a red firetruck, he loved the sounds it made we he pushed it. Olivia had lots of cuddles with Miss Jess, as she was a little upset but then found the dolls. Olive loved cuddling a teddy bear and walking around the room with it, when Miss Jess had asked what sound it makes Olive said “arrrr”. We all giggled. Bella-Rose had an interest with the ball that had flashing lights and with small beads inside it, so when it bounced it made noise and was flashing. As its PJ day today all educators though it would be fun to combine for the day, so all babies’ rooms washed their hands, sat down nicely on a rub and was singing songs, as we waited nicely for morning tea.  the songs that we had been sing were, row row your boat, baby shark and lastly counting to ten. This was fantastic to see everyone siting down nicely as they wait for morning tea. While singing songs we had been enhancing our communication skills, as we all bonded together and build a stronger friendship between all baby’s rooms.

As it has been a lead up to Easter the children today participated in an easter PJ day, combined with our friends in babies one and babies three the children had the opportunity for the children to explore inside and outside as the activities consisted of popping bubbles, dancing to wonderful music, egg drawing on the easel and white board and participating in an obstacle course to get out our energy. While we were outside Daris arrived, and it was wonderful to see him join in on the fun outside. Every child enjoyed trying to pop the bubbles and do some drawing. Parker, Bella-Rose, and Olivia all enjoyed drawing something on the white board at it was new material to draw on, as it would wipe away when someone put their hand over it. The girls loved the drawing as they encouraged others to join. Winston and Daris loved drawing on the chalk board as they found the shape of the chalk was in an egg shape form. They loved drawing then rubbing it out and drawing something again. Daris and Forrest also had an interest with balloons, they would try and hold the balloons but they it would slip out of their hands and fly away, and they would chase the balloon again.

It started to become too hot outside, so we ran inside to babies two room which everyone loved, as we had a dance party. During this time everyone was busting out a move, shaking, jumping, and doing some yoga poses. Everyone LOVED IT! they had a blasted dancing and exploring the room as some read books and played with the puppets. During this time Forrest completed an Easter Rabbet decoration, he loved putting the sticker on but was very unsure with the glitter, as it’s a new texture. He had a “wow” face when he tried picking the glitter up from the bowl it was funny to watch.  His friends joined him around the table and wanted to watch. Before we knew it was time for some lunch, we all washed our hands and sat down at the table. We all filled our tummies with yummy food then it was time for rest. Everyone was very tired from this morning.

We hope everyone is keeping safe during the current situation, and we wish everyone a Happy Easter. We hope to hear about everyone long weekend next week. Please keep safe and enjoy the long weekend!

Much Love Miss Jess and Miss Shae xoxo 💕