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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two. This morning we welcomed Olive, Bella, Oskar, Daris, Forrest, Roman, Zeppelin and Austin. We explored outdoor yard engaging with obstacle courses, climbing on the climbing frames, walking on the bridge and crawling under the tunnels. Then we watched horse over the fence they were walking around their farm and children got so excited to see them walking. Then we waited all our friends to arrive to have some morning tea. We enjoyed having some yummy French toast and fresh fruits after washing our hands. While some of our friends having their morning nap, Bella, Olive and Oskar play in the home corner feeding the babies, Pretending to cook and store the veggies in the fridge. Forrest and Roman enjoyed playing with the monkey and the big lion that they found from the big soft toys basket. Zeppelin was so happy, and he loved watching his friends playing around. Zeppelin is settled in his new room as he feels comfortable with his educators. Austin loves to touch and feel the little sensory blocks while sitting next to Miss.Hansani.

Then we engaged with a painting session as an extension for the finger painting. So Miss.Jess set up the table with red, black and yellow colours to represent the indigenous culture and we encouraged children to colour the aboriginal flag with their little fingers and paint brushes. Daris was so excited to have his turn as he absolutely loves painting. He sat at the table saying ‘’yayy..painting…’’. Olive recognised yellow and red colours while Bella was asking her friends to sit at the table saying ‘ come sit down’’.

Then it was time to get ready for the lunch. so we sat at the table after washing our hands and read some stories while we were waiting. Miss.Jess read four books called ‘’When I’m feeling angry, Australian animals, The silliest scare craw and All around the world’’. Children listened to the story nicely and enjoyed watching the big pictures on the book as they were colourful. After getting filled up our tummies we all went to sleep.


Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess