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Jingeri families,

Today we begin our preparations for the Sausage Sizzle to raise funds for the Bush-fire appeal. It is a bit cooler thankfully, so it will be fun to showcase our brand new outdoor space. We are enjoying it.

Ivy, Emmett, Cameron, and Ruby joined myself and Miss Dominique for a quieter day in the room. Just four friends spending some time together getting to know each other.  Miss Dominique joins us on Thursdays while Miss Hansani extends her studies, and we are grateful to have her help. The children have been intrigued by the new face and the different games that come with it. We are all so pleased with the way Ivy is settling into her day now, sitting at the table beautifully to eat her meals and joining in with all sorts of play. Emmett is fearless at the moment, so he is pushing all the limits with his friends. They are fascinated by his bold approach, but learning quickly to stand up for themselves. It is a wonderful testament to social interaction shaping our learning. Ruby has had a lovely day. She makes everything so much easier by expressing to us exactly what she needs and how. I am so excited for the words to begin flowing so we can get really stuck in. Cameron has also had a great day. He has loved Miss Dominique, and he giggled louder than we have heard as he got tickles from her. He is also setting of more on his own explorations, looking through the cubes to find more. He is developing an interest in discovering his new surroundings on his own.

I look forward to tomorrow.