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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two. Today Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane welcomed Olive, Oskar, Asher, Austin, Chester, Forrest and Nash this morning with big cuddles. Until we split, we encouraged children to find their favourite experiences as we set up different experiences on the mat, floor and on the tables. Babies two and babies three friends joined with our babies to engage with home corner set up, Push the trains on the tracks and stacking rings, turtles and rainbows. Then we all sang ‘’Good morning’’ song after heading other friends to their room and got ready for the story time. Miss Tatiane read ‘’That’s not my puppy’’ and encouraged children to repeat some simple words such as ‘’puppy, Green, Bird, Tail and other colours that we could see on the pages. Olive and Forrest repeated some words such as ‘’ Puppy, Nose, red and green’’ after Miss Tatiane. Then Chester offered the alphabet book to Miss Tatiane to read. After we watching all the pictures and practicing some new words, we slowly transioned for morning tea. We enjoyed some bread and bean soup for morning tea. For the group time, Miss Hansani sang ‘’Head shoulders knees and toes’’ song while pointing at the body parts with the music. Oskar, Olive, Forrest and Chester had pointing some of the body parts such as nose, head, ears and shoulders. As the music was too fast then Miss Hansani started pointing Head, Shoulders, knees and toes to help children to memorise. Ashe, Austin and Nash played with the Little wooden shapes with Miss Tatiane while we were practicing some words.

As we spent lot of time inside, we went outside before the lunch time and we spent about an hour exploring different experiences. Oskar was so happy to push the trucks around the yard. Asher also joined with Oskar to walk around the yard with a mower. Asher enjoyed observing his new outdoor environment and get to know his friends by engaging with group experiences.  Nash and Austin explored the quite area with the books and enjoyed touching and feeling the sensory books while Forrest was playing with the trucks, Trains and cars. Forrest loves pushing trucks and cars. Chester also joined with Forrest to push the cars on the transport mat and then he joined with Olive saying ‘’Hi’’ to go on the slide. Also, they took turns to rock on the dinosaur too.

As an extension today we used a green pool noodle for painting. We encouraged children to dip the pool noodle pieces in paint and create a beautiful painting. They enjoyed observing and feeling the texture before dip in the paint. After the planned experience, we transitioned for lunch time. for lunch, we Enjoyed a yummy roast veggie buddha bawl for lunch today. For one on one time, Helped and supported Austin and Asher to settle in the room with one on one time during the day. Miss Hansani read them a puppet story, engage with doing an animal puzzle and played with the soft toys.

Children enjoyed both indoor and outdoor experiences especially the painting session and they loved using pool noodle instead of paintbrushes. It helped our babies to practice their fine motor skills as well as the sensory skills. Group time supported our older babies to practice some simple new words. As an extension we will be completing all our art works and painting for the week with all our babies tomorrow.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane.