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Good Afternoon to our lovely families,

What a wonderful day it has been! Today we welcomed Olivia, Parker, Bella-Rose and Daris to babies two today… unfortunately we could not go outside to play today due to the wet weather we have had. We were all excited to explore outside, but we also love exploring inside. We loved exploring the book and puzzles that were out on the table for us all to explore and complete. It was then time to wash our hands, push our chairs to the table and have some yummy morning tea. we all sat at the table nicely waiting for our food.

After having some yummy food and filling our tummies and exploring the activities Miss Jess had setup. Daris completed some leaf, handprint and feather painting today. he dipped two leaf’s into blue and pink paint then dabbed it onto some white paper, he enjoyed the shapes it made and the texture of the paint. He then dipped some feathers into yellow and pink paint and dabbed that onto the blue paper, he did not like how the feather felt when dipped in paint. Afterwards Miss Jess painted his right hand dark green and pressed it onto a small white paper as this will be added to our culture wall. Daris loved feeling the paint on his hand as it was cold.

 Next Miss Jess used some recycled cardboard which was cut into small post cards shapes. We all sat down at the table and used pink, blue, yellow, red, and green paint and covered the cardboard to decorate them. It was messy and lots of fun, we used paintbrushes but decided to use our hands instead. Parker enjoyed rubbing the paint into the cardboard as she used green and red paint, it was very colourful once she was done. Olivia liked using the paint brush, but she did not want to use her fingers as she did not like getting dirty with the paint and she loved using the colour pink. Once we were finished with the paint Miss Jess had some sticker for us all to use on some cardboard pieces. We loved the seas animals and monster stickers we had been given to stick onto our post card. We cannot wait to write a little message on the back and post it into our mailbox and show everyone.

Through out the day we also enjoyed reading some book with Miss Danica which were That’s Not My wombat, That’s Not My Kangaroo and Hind and Seek in the jungle. We love pointing out the animals and giggling when pointing to them.  We also loved stacking the rings as we each were given a colour to stack in order, sharing with our friends. We cannot wait to explore the room this afternoon and do some dancing.

Much Love Miss Jess and Miss Danica ❤