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❤ Good afternoon families! ❤

What a wonderful Thursday it has been. So many exciting things has happened today. Firstly, we all enjoyed exploring the small side yard connected to babies one. While in the yard Olivia, and Parker enjoyed making the little babies giggle, the girls had smiles on their faces. Afterwards we moved into the big baby’s yard, we had found balls, 3D shapes, bikes, slide, and seesaw to play with. while in the yard babies 3 had joined us, what fun we all had!

We then moved inside washed our hands and sat down at the table ready for morning tea which was delicious. We had then explored the room which we love to do. Miss Jess had made a blue sensory tray with blocks, book, cars, and ring stacks. Everyone enjoyed the sensory tray as they tired looking through the blue paper and saying peekaboo, this made everyone giggle. While exploring the room, Parker, Daris, Forrest and Olive all enjoyed Miss Jess reading them some books such as Big Fish and 123. We had pointed out the colours in the books and tried to pronounce the colours. Parker and Olive had said blue.

Just as we were going to go outside Miss Emma had called for a fire drill. This was exciting to see all the babies in the cot and getting safely to our meeting point. When we arrived at our meeting point, we had seen all the room joint us. We got to see some of our siblings from other rooms. All of babies 2 were excited to see everything that was happening, as there were lots of smiles and pointing.

We had then come back inside to see the activity that Miss Jess had setup outside, which was a sensory tray for Earth Hour. Miss Jess had filled it with some oats to make it look like sand/ dirt, shaving cream with blue food colouring, which is for water and lastly leaves for grass. Parker, Daris, Winston, Olive and Olivia all enjoyed the shaving cream they rolled around in it and felt it between their fingers. Bella and Forrest took a little bit to understand the texture of it as they were unsure at first but slowly enjoyed it. while they were outside, they enjoyed the bikes, bubbles, and lot of giggles with their friends from babies three. Miss Vanessa from babies three did a running race with some of the children. Daris, Winston and Parker all enjoyed the running race as they would giggle and clap for their friends.

I Miss Jess would like to apologize as some of the children’s hands, legs and feet are blue from the food colouring. I had tired her best to get most of it off however there is some that would not come off. I am sure it will come off in tonight’s bath. Also, another tip to get ride of food colouring stains is white vinegar. I do apologia again families. However, all the children loved the shaving cream!

Much love Miss Jess and Miss Tatiana xoxo 😊