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Jingeri families,

Five small Humans in for the day: Ruby, Cameron, Noah, Finley and Max. The weather is still wet and stormy, but the mood was good.

The children have been choosing to engage in the books so beautifully now. Selecting books they find interesting, and showing definite preference for certain ones. Also, if I ask them to get me a book for us to read they do not hesitate to jump up and run to the book basket to choose one. Ruby loves the textured books, which allow her to turn the pages and touch the texture associated with the name. Finley prefers the ones about animals and vehicles, exclaiming “Wow!” with each new page. Max has been choosing the book about shapes, and he is enjoying running his fingers along the outline of each shape. Cameron likes to sit and look at all the books that we are busy with, chatting happily about the stories. Max is less interested in the content of the book itself and more intrigued by the physical structure of the square paper masterpiece. he likes to stack them and examine them deeply, turning them in his hands as he studies their form.

Our Thursday objective for the room is to create an environment win which children can be confident and involved learners, developing their creativity and persistence.

I look forward to tomorrow.