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Jingeri families,

Such a lovely day together in the room today. As the buzz of bussiness continues outside we are watching a brighter, cleaner space emerge. The fort is taking shape and the new levels of interactivity are becoming visible. Very exciting!

My four friends Noah, Lara, Jackson and Finley have been spending some great quality time exploring and adventuring. We are highlighting the importance of our human need for “connectedness” today, taking time to maintain our connections with friends and family. I began the day by talking about the Universe and our Understanding of our place in it to introduce the sense that we are all connected to each other. But it was our convenient inter-leading doorway connecting us to Toddlers One that really reinforced the idea. Both Lara and Jackson have siblings in the room , and today they enjoyed a special cuddle and kiss during hand washing. As Vaughan and Millicent shrieked with delight to say hello, we were all reminded of how important our connection to the people around us is to our sense of belonging.

Finley enjoyed a short day today, getting to spend some special time at home with mum. He managed to squeeze in some serious playing with his friends before that though, so a perfect day. Noah is obviously feeling completely comfortable with his friends, interacting enthusiastically and choosing his own activities with great speed. Such a huge change and so good to see. The children are getting along marvelously and I am happy.

I look forward to tomorrow.