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Good afternoon to our lovely families,

This morning we welcomed Daris, Olive, Bella-Rose, and Olivia to the room. this morning we had a little adventure explore the small side yard and we enjoyed playing with our friends from babies one and three. Daris enjoyed looking at all the books and showing his friends while Bella-Rose and Olive enjoyed talking to the other children in the toddler’s yard. As for Olivia she loved the climb the jungle gym showing everyone how she could climb. She was immensely proud of herself once she finished climbing it and our friend clapped for Olivia.

 It was then time to come inside for morning tea, so we washed our hands and sat at the table ready for morning tea. we all enjoyed some yummy eggs with some fruit. Once our tummies were full it was time to do some creative activities that Miss Jess had setup for today. Miss Jess had some free drawing for us to complete as we used yellow and green texters for the Australia Day. Daris, Olive and Bella-Rose all enjoyed using the texters to draw something and Olivia had the giggles while drawing which as fun to see. Both Olivia and Olive had some balloon painting to do for Australia Day. they both enjoyed holding the balloon and dabbing it onto the white paper and seeing the shape they made from the pain. After we all completed the creative activities it was time to got explore outside, once we were outside, we found babies one had their door open for everyone to walk in and out. We enjoyed saying hello to our friends in babies one for a little bit as we play and interacted with everyone. Daris enjoyed the books that were in babies one. Bella-Rose and olive enjoyed the musical instruments as they shacked the shakers and made some music together. While Olivia enjoyed sitting outside and watching the horse and reading books with Miss Jess. After spending time with our friends from babies one it was time to heard inside and get ready for lunch. we all sat down at the table for lunch and Miss Shannan read us a book that Olive had brought in for us to read, the book was This Little Piggy Went Singing. We all enjoyed the book a lot and thank Olive for bringing it in to us to share her favorite book.

This afternoon we will be heading outside again to explore the yard and cannot wait to show our families our room as you can now drop off and pick up in the rooms again. We would also like to remind families to bring in a family photo to add to our family tree in the room.

Much Love Miss Jess and Miss Shanna XX