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Good afternoon families!!

Welcome to babies two♥♥

This morning Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane Welcomed Olive, Oskar and Asher with big cuddles. We explored indoor experiences with babies one and babies three friends as usual until we split into our rooms. Olive and Oskar loved playing together on the mat this morning. Oskar had the lunch bag in his hand and he slowly open the bag and started to hand over the pieces of vegetables to Olive saying ‘’Ta’’. Olive would say ‘’thank you Oskie’’ every time when he shares something. Then Olive invited Asher to come and sit on the mat to read a book saying ‘’Asher…come sit down..’’. Then she grabbed a book called ‘’Pop! Goes zebra’’ and turned each page and encouraged Asher to have a look too. Asher loved looking at the animals with Olive and listen to the words that Olive said. For morning tea we enjoyed creamy pear porridge

For the group time Miss Mel read a story for both babies two and babies three rooms while we were sitting outside on the mat. Miss Mel read a story called ‘’Never touch a grumpy bear’’. Olive was so excited to touch the sensory parts of the book at the end of the story and Oskar loved listening to Miss Mel. Asher wanted to come and help Miss Hansani and Miss Otavia for packing away the big obstacle yard.

For the Early Learning Matters Week, today we set up the big yard with lots of obstacle courses and experiences to engage with according to a theme called ‘’Trajectory’’. We added obstacle courses, climbing frames, climbing beams, steps, slides, Balancing beams, fabric tunnel, balls and wooden boat. We combined with babies three friends to let them explore the big yard as a group. Olive, Asher and Oskar headed to the yard after putting their hats on and they were so excited to join with their friends from next door. We encouraged children to stand on a climbing beam and drop balls from high. They would throw the balls when we say ‘’ready…One Two Three…’’. Then we had a fire drill so all our babies sat on the emergency evacuation cot and evacuated into the car park. After the drill we came back to the big yard to continue trajectory experiences. Oskar, Asher and Olive were so engaged with the obstacle courses and climbing beams rather than the other experiences. They climbed on the climbing frames and walked on the balancing beams confidently and without any hesitation. Well done demonstrating your gross motor skills and experiencing trajectory activities. For lunch we enjoyed roast veggie avocado and pesto grill. For afternoon tea we will be enjoying chocolate beetroot brownies. In the afternoon we will be engaging with more outdoor experiences and then indoor free experiences

We practiced our self-help skills by using spoons for mealtime to feed ourselves, put the hats on, find the drink bottles, find the water bottles and wash our hands.  We are practicing to put away our bottles, dishes and bibs as our new goal in babies two.

For one-on-one time Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiana focused on children individually and provide them with experiences. With Olive we read ‘’The first hundred words’’ book and she was so excited to point at the pictures and recognise them. Asher loves the big stacking rings. So we encouraged Asher to stack the rings by himself. He needed a little help first and then he did it by himself and he was so proud. As Oskar loves sensory experiences we encouraged Oskar to observe the sensory blocks using magnifying glasses.

Today all our babies enjoyed the activities we set up both inside and outside. Especially they enjoyed the experiences we set up in the big yard for the theme ‘’trajectory’’. They absolutely loved this experience as they had opportunity to demonstrate and practice more gross motor skills.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane…