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Good Afternoon lovely families…

This morning we welcomed Forrest, Daris, Austin, Olive, Parker, Winston, Oskar, and Bella-Rose to babies two this morning with lots of cuddles. Winston and Parker had spent the morning in babies three room as they will be moving up in the next coming weeks, we hope they had lots of fun interacting with their friends and building comfort within the room. In babies two today enjoyed exploring the rooms, as we found an interest with colours recently and hope the next coming week to continue focusing on colours. We also found an interest in cars, train, and trucks which Forrest, Daris and Olive enjoys playing with as the push the cars to each other. After exploring both inside and outdoor environments, we put our hats away and washed our hands, then sat nicely at the table. While at the table we practiced some words such as names, 123, and ABC. We all enjoyed, as we expressed our emotions and exploring a wider range of communication.

After getting cleaned up we all had been looking outside and continued to point and say ‘outside, outside’ to Miss Jess, so we all laughed and screamed when she opened the door. We had practiced getting our hats and placing them on our heads. This is wonderful initiative and fanatic remodeling for our younger friends in babies one.  While outside Miss Jess had call us in one by one to complete our Mother’s Day craft. Unfortunately, we cannot tell anyone about it as it’s a surprise for our wonderful superhero mums! We can’t wait to give it to our wonderful mum, we hope you love it! once we finished the craft Miss Jess had setup a wonderful volcano for us all to explore. We watched Miss Jess pour vinegar into bicarb soda which made it pour out like a volcano. We loved it, made us all giggle, and point to the volcano with our wow faces on. Parker and Winston also came to watch it with their friends. We loved playing and exploring the yard afterwards as we had been sliding down the slide, building tall towers with the 3D shapes, pushing the bikes and walker, as this made us all very tired and hungry. We washed our hands then got ready at the table by pushing our chairs, putting our bibs on, and thanking our wonderful chef for the food which we all loved!

This afternoon we hope to explore the small side yard between babies one and two and can’t wait to play with Parker and Winston to see how their day went. We hope everyone has enjoy their day and can’t wait to show everyone the photos from today.

Miss Hansani would like to let everyone know as of next Thursday 6th of May she will be back to 5 days a week. we would like to congratulate Miss Hansani on her studies and can’t wait to show her our wonderful Thursdays!

Much Love Miss Jess and Miss Tatiana xoxo