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Jingeri families,

What an amazing start to the new year we have had today, diving right into a big day of fun and activity. As we welcomed a few new faces to our room, we got the chance to explore the space with new eyes.

It was wonderful to say hello to some of the familiar faces like Lara, Noah and Ivy who all settled right into the morning adventures. And our two new additions to the journey are Max and Tairongo, adding some handsome smiles to the mix. As the boys got accustomed to the strangely unfamiliar routines, they slowly opened up to their new friends enticing them to join in with their games. Ivy was having great fun showing Tai how to crawl under and through the tent, making animated noises of reaction to engage him in the fun. He was only partially intrigued at first, but it did not take long for him to become swept away in the chase. Ivy is taking her first independent steps and her confidence is already improving. Noah is moving around on his own with great speed and confidence is definitely not a problem. Max is walking around unsteadily but eager to keep to going, similar to Lara, while Tai is walking independently with complete ease. I am very happy with all of the physical movement and gross-motor co-ordination skills that the babies are demonstrating. They are off to a flying start.

Communication is also moving up a notch, with their collective pre-language exchanges becoming clearer and easily understandable. This makes our group interactions take on new meaning as we navigate shared experiences together. Facial expressions with eye contact, noises and grunts, hand gestures, body language galore. The children are gaining confidence as they become comfortable trusting Miss Hansani and I, and then trying out their skills with their new friends too. The interaction is pure enjoyment and I feel privileged to be a part of the conversation.

I look forward to tomorrow.