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Jingeri families,

We have all enjoyed an excellent Thursday together in our cool calm room. Finley, Emmett, Noah, Max, Ruby, Ivy, Lara and Cameron came in for some adventures with their friends.

It was a day where all of the resources were maximized, with every dinosaur, block and animal being used in some sort of interactive game. The children are sharing more easily now, and taking turns is dramatically improved. This means that the children are all enjoying engaging each other more often. Ivy is moving smoothly and confidently now, veering around sharp corners and balancing well. Noah is also faster and more accurate, with an enthusiasm that is wonderful. He is also communicating so well. Emmett has always moved well, and now he is more interested in learning the social dynamics of group play. He offers toys and asks for his friends to join in, and they are always interested. Max is our leader in independent play at the moment, leading the charge with self-discoveries and extended explorations. He is more relaxed with his friends now too, seeking out their company. Cameron is also easing into the space now, easily heading off on his own to find new things to entertain himself with.  Finley and Lara, however, are the fastest fingers in the room and the educators are pushed to keep our top shelves from their grasp. They have realized that there is something interesting “up there” and they are determined to get it. Ruby is still enjoying throwing the balls and getting us all to join in. Her balance and co-ordination is improving  and she is even trying to throw overarm. Lots to do and lots to see, makes a full day of practicing skills.

I look forward to tomorrow.