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Good afternoon families!

Today we welcomed Olivia, Parker, Olive, Daris, Bella-Rose and Winston. This morning all babies’ rooms were combined in the side yard which is apart of Babies one room. Everyone enjoyed seeing their friends from other rooms as they interact together while playing with blocks, bikes, musical instruments, and the cars. After spending some time outside, we decided to explore the room a little. Winston and Daris enjoyed the new block stacker and Bella, Parker and Olive enjoyed exploring home corner. Olivia enjoyed reading a book with Miss Simona which the book was call Be Happy. Olivia enjoyed this book because there was a bear on the page, and she giggles when seeing the bear.

Everyone started to become hungry after playing inside so it was time to wash our hands and head to the table. For morning tea, it was eggs with bread and fruit. Everyone’s tummies were full and ready to explore the new adventure for the day. Miss Jess had set up some sand bark and water play in the yard with some sensory bags for everyone to feel. While explore the yard and the activities that had been setup Miss Jess had also setup some playdough play inside the room. each child would rotate inside and out so they each had a turn at the playdough. Everyone loved feeling the playdough. Parker had a big smile on her face when seeing it and Olivia put her investigation hat on and feeling the texture of the playdough. As for Olive and Bella-Rose they enjoyed the playdough, but they loved the water, sand, and bark play. They enjoyed the different texture they could feel with their hands. Daris and Winston enjoyed all the activities as each activity was different but based around sensory. Everyone enjoyed exploring their sensory skills today as it allowed them to express their interest in each activity. Before lunch Miss Jess started reading some books to us and those books were call Alphabet, That’s not my puppy, peekaboo and the very cranky bear five in the bed. Everyone enjoyed all the books. Before we new it lunch had arrived.

This afternoon we hope to get outside again and explore some more of the yard and see interact with our friends from babies one and three. We also would like to remind parents to bring in a family photo if you have not also as this photo will be added to the family tree in the room.

Much Love Miss Jess and Miss Simona xx