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❤Good afternoon to our lovely families❤

Welcome to babies 2. Today has been a wonderful Thursday. We explored the room in the morning while waiting for everyone to arrive. Once Nash, Daris, Olivia, Bella-Rose, Winston, and Olive had all arrived it was time for some morning tea. we all washed our hands and sat down at the table ready for morning tea. we all interacted by giggling and talk while having our morning tea together, we all made each other laugh. Afterwards it was time to explore the room. Bella enjoyed playing with some trucks as she pushed them along the ground to make them move. Winston and olive enjoyed playing together with some red, green, and blue blocks which they tried to build towers with afterwards would knock them down and giggle together. Olive had said “whooo” when knocking them down. Daris loved exploring the room as he was playing with multiple tings today. he firstly enjoyed the ring stackers, then the red, blue, and green block afterwards went to play with Olivia in home corner. They made Miss Jess a yummy salad with strawberry milk. They both loved sharing the space together as they help pass things to each other.  Nash loved the animals today. He would put them onto the mirror and knock them down and giggle. Miss Lais sat down with Nash as he played with the animals and he loved seeing his reflection in the mirror.

After exploring the room Miss Jess had setup some activities for us all. Nash got to do some dot painting with orange, yellow and green paint, as this week we are focusing on Autumn. Nash loved the feeling on the paint between his finger and the coldness of the paint but also loved rubbing it into the table to mix the colours.  Everyone then got to paint some rocks. This was fantastic for the children fine motor skills as the rocks were a little hard to paint but everyone enjoyed painting them. We then all got our hats on and adventured outside and played on the bridge, slide and seesaw which everyone loved. Bella, Olivia, and Winston all took turns on the slide as they were all learning how to share. Daris and olive loved going onto the bridge and take turns walking across then waiting for the next person to cross. Nash loved crawling around and chasing some of his friends from babies 3. Later we all went into see what Miss Jess had setup… a wonderful Autumn sensory tray! We felt some leaves, flowers and some fruit. We all enjoyed feeling the different textures and sharing with everyone. we also practiced saying some of our colours during this time. Next it was time for some lunch.

This afternoon we hope to go outside and explore the side yard with the jungle gym, slide, seesaw, books and blocks. We hope everyone is having a wonderful day like we have.

Much Love Miss Jess and Miss Lais 😊💕