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Jingeri families,

Thursday has been a massive day of change and growth in Babies 2. We welcome Miss Hansani to the room, as we have our first day with six young humans. Very exciting.

So our usual Thursday crowd of Lara, Noah, Jackson and Finley, joined by Ivy for her second day and Miller on a visit from Babies 1. A fantastic day of play ensued, with everyone getting a chance to have some full group activity time, as well as some quieter alone time while the other babies slept. The fascinating part of this age is the variety of routines that infants progress through as they grow. Consequently, our room is completely flexible in order to allow for the safe sleep and rest of all the children. This means developing trusting relationships over time that allow the children to feel comfortable and relaxed with the educators and their fellow sleepers. As we gradually connect, our understanding of each other will deepen.

The children moved freely across the space exploring everything available to them today. Ivy is happy and excited to get involved in the games her new friends are creating. She ventures off to discover things on her own, and then moves to join the group also. Her main focus most of the day was the large bear walker. She can pull herself up on it to balance and take some assisted steps so she shrieks with the joy of independence. Miller was absolutely delighted to spend time in the standing activity centre, even managing to swivel around. She was also completely absorbed by the musical instruments, clearly enjoying the rattles. Noah was happy today, as usual, and eager to get stuck into anything fun. He is sharing with all the friends, and finding all sorts of things to examine. He is looking, watching and learning fast. Jackson is climbing everything, as warned by his mum, and unfortunately he is nearly succeeding. He is also becoming particularly thrilled with throwing balls over his head. I am just as impressed. Lara is definitely trying to talk, with a fair attempt at her name and some others. Before long these babies will be talking to us. Finley is also chatting up a storm, telling us all the whole story. A lot of details. I cannot wait to have a conversation with them all.

I look forward to tomorrow.