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Jingeri families,

Thursday saw five little friends join up for an excellent day of fun in the shade. I cannot express enough how marvelous it is to be able to enjoy the buzz of cicadas while we make the most of the outdoors.

Cameron, Max, Lara, Noah and Finley kept Miss Hansani and I company. We began the morning playing outside, came in for a rest and refuel, then headed back out into the fresh invigorating air to get seriously stuck into the water again. This time we were more prepared and took some of the pants off first, but the delight of splashing liberally in the water tray was fantastic. The friends have all eaten well today, and we are focusing on keeping hydrated in this warm weather to stay healthy.

Thursday I take the opportunity to think about the Early Years Learning Framework outcome of ‘connection to one’s world’. This sense of connection which we are trying to nurture in our young children is an understanding of their place within the world. Their connection to each other and the people around them, and how they fit into the bigger community. This connects directly to an appropriate word for the week, Ancestors. Who we are and where we all came from has a story, and our ancestry is the root of our identity. This relates back to the core intention of “Belonging, Being & Becoming” which underpins our approach to early education.

I look forward to tomorrow.