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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two room for this beautiful Tuesday. Children enjoyed their day engaging different activities and exploring new things.

Children have been choosing to play inside in the morning with their other friends and went outside as they love morning play. Finley, Elliana, ThomasA, Ariana and Noah were engaging with different activities outside. They have been choosing to demonstrate their gross motor skills while playing. Children enjoyed climbing, sitting around the table, playing with the push cow, police car and the tricycles. Ruby also joined to play with us in the morning as she loves to see her old friends.

After the busy play, we had our morning tea outside as a picnic and spent some time inside reading books and singing some songs while we were sitting on the mat. They loved to read ‘peppa’s Easter Egg hunt’ and ‘Pooh loves to’. After i read it, children have been choosing different kind of books according to our babies interests.

We were practicing washing hands before and after meals and children loved to walk into the bathroom and stand on the little steps and turned on the taps by themselves. After we were having our delicious lunch, some of our friends went to sleep.

In the afternoon, we had another play session outside area playing with some coloured sand. Miss. Hansani set up a sand box by mixing Red and Green colours with sand as they love sensory activities. Finley loved to dig sand using his fingers and said ‘ woooow’. Elliana and Ariana loved to touch sand gently to explore what was exactly in there. Ariana put a little car on sand and started to push it in the tub.

some of our friends continued their Mother’s Day cafts to get ready for this weekend..

It has been a lovely Tuesday…..

Love from Miss.Hansani…