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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two… It has been such a beautiful day in babies two room after the easter holiday.. Hope everyone had an amazing holiday.. This morning Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess welcomed Oskar, Olive, Parker, Loki, Bella, Winston and Valencia with lots of cuddles. We spent the whole day exploring indoor experiences as it’s very cold and wet outside. So, we used this time to engage with some more interesting easter activities and do some catch up.

We started our day exploring babies three room this morning. Parker loved to play with our little babas from Miss.T’arns room. She has been talking to them all morning while laying on the mat next to them. Olive and Oskar loved playing with the little farm animals. We waited all our friends to arrive and enjoyed morning tea in our room after. Then we encourage children to sit for a story time. So, we all sat at the book corner straight after washing our hands. Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess read a book called ‘’never touch a grumpy bunny’’. We all had so much fun listening to the story and looking at the beautiful pictures. Group time…… We all sat at the chair nicely while Miss.Jes was getting ready for the art and craft experiences. Olive, Valencia, Oskar, Winston, Bella, Parker and Loki engaged with doing a cookie cutter painting and drawing on a soft easter egg. We let the children to dip the cookie cutters in the paint and put them on a white paper to create a beautiful artwork. Also, the loved using colourful textures to draw on the soft easter egg.  Loki had his turn to do his easter egg painting, easter bunny decoration and easter egg paper painting later.

Then we continued exploring our indoor environment. Children found some little boxes and they pretended that they were talking to each other by using them as telephones. It was so funny. Then we pulled out a basket with building blocks and started to stack them one by one to make a tower. We also played some musical instruments that we found from our home corner area. well done babies two for showing your skills so confidently…

Much love Miss.Hansani