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Good afternoon to our lovely families,

Today we welcomed Parker, Olive Loki, Valencia and Bella-Rose. While waiting for everyone to arrive we explored babies one room before moving into babies two room. we had a little fun inside the room before going outside. While inside we played with the colourful blocks and some puzzles. When we went outside, we played on the slide, sand pit, dolls, books, and 3D shapes that everyone enjoyed. Bella-Rose, Olive and parker all enjoyed exploring the slide and 3D shapes. Loki enjoyed exploring the sand pit and making sandcastles with our friends from babies three. After exploring the outdoor environment, it was time for morning tea inside and we had seen Valencia had arrived.

We washed our hands and sat down at the table together. After enjoying our morning tea we encourage children to do the numbers and letter puzzle to develop our fine motor skills. Then Bella and Loki did their string painting for the valentine’s day and finger painting for the Chinese New Year. They had so much fun doing painting as they love art works. After painting Miss.Steph read some stories as olive requested for a story time by pointing out the bookshelf saying ‘book’. So Miss.Steph read ‘That’s not my puppy and Owls up late’ for our babies.

While we were waiting for the lunch, we explored some different kind of music instruments that e borrowed from babies one. They loved shaking them and listen to the music they make. Children observed them in different ways. They enjoyed shaking, banging them on the table and hit each musical instruments.  We shared each instrument with everyone to make sure that we all get a chance to explore them all.

Have a lovely day!

Much love Miss.Hansani, Miss.Jess