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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two room for another beautiful day. Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lilly welcomed all the babies in the morning with big cuddles. We spent most of the day enjoying outside activities and the nice weather. Today, Finley, Noah, Thomas, Cameron, Skyla, Tairongo, Max and Elliana had a grate time exploring all these experiences together. We were focusing on indigenous music instruments today as the second day of our reconciliation week.

We started our day having morning tea outside while were sitting around the table. Then children have been choosing to explore outdoor activities together. Finley, Elliana, Noah, Max and Cameron enjoyed the puzzle time matching the dinosaurs, Alphabet letters and numbers. It was a great opportunity to develop and implement their fine motor skills and thinking strategies. Finley, Elliana and Thomas enjoyed the push cows and the police car pushing around the yard while everyone else continue the puzzle play and stacking rings. Children have been choosing to engage with obstacle courses and sensory sand play as usual before having our big lunch.

We enjoyed nice time singing lots of songs inside the room today as Noah, Elliana and Skyla love songs and dancing movements. We sung ‘’ the wheels on the bus’’ , ‘’ row row row your boat ‘’ and ‘’baby shark’’. Then we had a nice time with nice sensory books as Thomas grabbed me a book for read him. So we started to read some more books as each child’s interest before we go to bed.

In the afternoon, children have been choosing to engage with a group drawing session with some white papers and color pencils. It was nice as we could focus on lots of gross motor skills and fine motor skills with simple day today activities.

It has been an amazing day…

Much love from Miss. Hansani and Miss. Lilly…