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Good afternoon families !!

Welcome to babies two♥

This morning Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane welcomed Olive, Daisy, Chester, Oskar and Braxton with lots of cuddles this morning. We stayed combined for a bit with babies three friends exploring indoor experiences together. While we were inside children enjoyed stacking rings, stacking turtles, stacking blocks and building towers that can help them with developing their fine motor and hand eye coordination skills. Home corner and doll corner are becoming the most popular areas among the girls as they have more resources to enjoy with such as dolls, babies, prams, cots, chairs, pots and pans, fruits and vegetables and other kitchen appliances. For morning tea, we enjoyed home made beans on sourdough Turkish. For the group time We read a story called ‘’why should I brush my teeth’’. Miss Hansani sat on the mat saying ‘’friends come sit down we are going to read a beautiful story’’. Olive walked to Miss Hansani in a hurry saying ‘’I wanna read a story… It’s story time.. Come sit down friends’’. Everyone got so excited and sat on the mat. We are so happy that everyone’s getting used to the routine and follow directions given by their educators. Chester enjoyed the story while laying on the mat. Olive and Daisy enjoyed having a close look at the pictures. Olive would point at the pictures and show them to Daisy saying ‘’It’s and apple Daisy…. It’s a monkey..ooo ooo aa aaa’’.

Yesterday children engaged with a painting inspired by the colour and shape of teeth. As an extension, today we decided to use a brush to use as a paint brush and engage with a painting. We offered children with red papers, white paint and a toothbrush to engage with this experience. During the activity Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane asked questions such as ‘’ what colour is the paint? What colour is your teeth? , What do you use to brush your teeth? ‘’. Once we build up the conversation, we encouraged children to practice some words such as teeth, white, brush, food and clean’’ to support them with developing their language skills and also to link the experiences we did during the day.

Outside Oskar enjoyed throwing a ball, walk on the balancing bridge and play with a hula-hoop. Oskar loves exploring his environment and find different experience to play with. He would communicate with his educators by pointing at objects and using facial expressions. Daisy enjoyed bunch of experiences such as riding bicycle, walking around the yard, roll a ball on the ground and read books. Braxton loves to play with the sensory bottles and shake them. His favourite experience is pushing the mowers around the yard. Chester also loves to push prams and wheelbarrows. Chester enjoyed going on the slide with Olive taking turns. Olive would help Chester by cheering him ‘’ Go Chester go…Go Chester go’’. They took turns to go on the slide without any rush and waited to have their turn. For lunch we enjoyed a rainbow sushi bawl. For afternoon tea we will be enjoying organic chocolate zucchini cake.

For one-on-one time we encouraged children to recognise the colours using flash cards. Some of the colours we practiced are, red, blue, green, yellow and white’’. We practiced some simple words such as ‘’ Ta, Thank you, Please, More and Water’’ to support children with developing their language to help with communicating their basic needs.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane…