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Jingeri families,

Well what a nice day! Four friends deeply engaged in the business of learning some fundamentals. Ruby, Finley, Emmett and Indi all pushing each other onward and upward, urging each other forward. Teamwork and peer role-modelling at it’s finest.

As we continue to highlight the letter W this week, our focus today was primarily on the very relevant concept of Walking, albeit Wobbly Walking. Finley is clearly feeling more confident as he lets go of the objects he has been using to support himself. He will walk with my assistance or with the walker, but he has not ventured to take unsupported steps yet with us. However, both Emmett and Indi are walking independently and their balance is improving, so Ruby and Finley are watching them keenly. Ruby can balance independently with ease, but is still developing her confidence to take the leap. She has excellent gross-motor co-ordination and fine-motor control so she will walk soon too. It truly is such an interesting time in their lives, and walking is the gift of independence.

Indi is also getting to spend the day at home tomorrow to celebrate her 1st Birthday. Her friends got to put on some party hats and sing her happy birthday today though to wish her well. One whole year of life!

We spent some time enjoying this exquisite Weather outdoors this afternoon as well, splashing in some water and digging our toes into the sandpit while we enjoyed some fresh air. The children were delighted and intrigued by the wide variety of sensory experiences that our new yard offers. The perfect way to unwind after a good day of fun.

I look forward to tomorrow.