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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two ♥

This morning Miss Hansani and Miss Danica welcomed Olive, Loki, Zeppelin, Oskar and Braxton. We spent the morning exploring indoor experiences with babies one and three friends until we split into our rooms. Loki was so excited to find his favourite fire truck from the shelf and push it forward and backward saying ‘’yaayyyy…’’. Oskar loves spinning flowers that we sticked on the door. Also he loves to grab some veggies and put in a pot and stir it with a spoon. Braxton enjoyed picking up the building blocks and walk to Miss Hansani and hand them over to her with a big smile. Olive was singing practicing all her friends names and educators name and even she practiced to say ‘’Hi Braxton.. Hi Loki’’. Olive would use words and simple sentences all day and she would ask anything that she doesn’t know saying ‘’what’s that…’’. Zeppelin had the best morning listening to the music that we played in the room and had so many cuddles from Miss Danika. Also we did lots of tummy time to encourage him to reach toys. For morning tea we enjoyed delicious apple, chia and date pancake

For the group time Miss Hansani and Miss Danica joined with children to do some dancing. We played bubble songs such as ‘’tiny little turtle , 10 little bubbles and pop go bubbles’ and had so much fun dancing with our babies.

Today Miss Hansani set up the sensory table with lots of colourful balls and warm soap water in it. We placed the sensory table in the big obstacle course yard as it was nice and sunny there. We put our hats on and headed to the yard with Olive, Braxton, Oskar and Loki while Zeppelin was sleeping. Loki was the first one to get into to the experience. He splashed the water with balls out from the table laughing. Then he wanted to engage with the obstacle courses. Oskar ended up getting a bubble moustache. That was so funny. Olive Put her hands in and said ‘’bubbles’’ and then she started splashing water once she realised that the water makes more bubbles. Braxton loved to throw ball around the yard and pick them up and put them back in the water. Then we headed to the babies yard and engaged with few more activities such as pushing mowers, reading stories, play with the hula-hoops and engage with the obstacle courses.

Then it was time to engage with an art experience. We mixed bubble liquid with bit of blue colour and used pipe cleaners  to blow bubbles. We encouraged children to dip the pipe cleaners in the liquid and blow onto the white papers. Olive, Loki, Oskar and Braxton tried their best to blow bubbles as much as they can. It was such an exciting experience. For afternoon tea we will be enjoying organic pumpkin and choc chip cookies. In the afternoon we will be engaging with more outdoor experiences and then indoor free experiences

For one on one time Miss Danica engaged with Tommy to do some tummy time to encourage with his crawling and reaching out for toys. Today our babies helped Miss Hansani with packing away toys singing ‘’everybody pack away… pack away…’’ before the lunch time.

We have put up the daily blog, daily programming and daily pictures up on the wall just before where we enter to the babies room. Miss Jess has created a book called babies two memories with photos of special experiences that we engaged with. Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane will continue the book. Parents can have a look at the book any time, it will be displayed on the parents hub just before you enter to the room.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Danica…..