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Good afternoon families!!

What a wonderful start to Tuesday it has been. We had welcomed Olive, Braxton, Oskar, Winston, Parker, Loki, Bella-Rose and We had all enjoyed exploring our room this morning, as we have found an interest in the mailbox and dolls. Parker and Bella-Rose had been rocking the dolls to sleep. While they were rocking the dolls to sleep both girls said “shhhh” for everyone to understand they were sleeping. Wonderful moment to see our friends sharing. Winston and Loki had enjoyed home corner, they love making Miss Jess food. This is a wonderful play experience for children, as they role play and learning to communicate to each other. After having some free time exploring inside it was time to wash our hands and sit nicely at the table. While sitting at the table Bella-Rose had started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Parker had started doing the actions to the song. Everyone else had slowly started sing the songs together, it was a moment that was wonderful to share with all our friends.

Once filling our tummies, we all enjoyed some group time at the table completing the flower painting with yellow and blue paint. What wonderful creations that had been made. There were lots of ‘wow’ faces as they became excited when it was their turn. Winston, Bella-Rose, Olive, Loki, and Parker could recognise the colour they were using as they said the colours to Miss Danica while painting. This activity allows the children to gain multiple benefits such as sensory, fine motor, colour recognition and creative minds. After all the children had finished the flower experience, Miss Danica had setup a nature sensory tray for everyone to enjoy outside. This was wonderful for children as they focused on sensory skill which helps develop their fine motor skills. This also allows children to express interest whether it’s touch, smelly, smashing or splashing all the different textures in the tray. It was fantastic to see everyone feeling the textures and encouraging other to feel. While outside we also investigated the yard to see all the wonderful play equipment that had been setup. Bella-Rose and Parker enjoyed the seesaw. Once Miss Danica had started singing row row your boat everyone had a turn, wonderful sharing was seen while playing on the seesaw.  We also enjoyed the obstacle course, slide, blocks, and books. we hope you all enjoy the photos!

We would like to remind parents on Friday 16th April this is a puppet show being help for children attending the centre. This will be babies 2 first incursion to attend. If you would like your child to attend, please fill out the permission form and give back to either Miss Hansani or Miss Jess. If you would like your child not to attend, please also let either educator know. We’ve excited about the show and hope you are too!

Much Love Miss Jess and Miss Danica xoxo💕