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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two for this beautiful Tuesday. It has been a wonderful day with our little friends. Miss Hansani and Miss Steph welcomed children in the morning. Children have been choosing to play outside in the morning with the babies 1 and babies 3 children. And they enjoyed a drawing session with miss Steph outside. They loved to sit around the table together and do some free drawing using textures.

After that we enjoyed our delicious morning tea and played outside little bit longer. Children have been choosing to walk on the little steps as they have good balancing skills. Elliana, Finley and Noah loved it.  Ariana has been choosing to drive the police car while the other friends busy walking on the steps. Finley and Elliana also interested to drive the police car. They loved the obstacle courses too.

After the busy play we came inside and had some lunch before sleep. Children have been choosing to read some books and sing some songs in the afternoon. Noah and Finley took some books out from the box and came to me and sat with me. Then we started to read the books one by one. Finley loves to point out the animals while reading and Noah loves to listen carefully.

it has been an amazing day with our friends

Looking forward for tomorrow ……

love miss Hansani