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Good afternoon babies two families,

Today we had started Tuesday off by greeting all our friends from babies one and three with big hugs before moving outside in babies one small yard. As more of our friends had started to arrive it was time for babies two and three to move into babies’ big yard. During this time, we loved sliding down the slides, rocking on the seesaw’s, balancing along the beam, and walking along the big bridge. This was wonderful, as we continued to build on our gross motor skills throughout the morning. At 9am it was time to head inside to wash our hands, push our chairs in at the table and placing our bibs on before we have morning tea. This is wonderful to see children recognize the routine in the morning. For our morning tea we had all enjoyed Coconut strawberry delight bar with some watermelon and strawberries which everyone loved the juice from.

As we were getting cleaned it everyone looked at the door and had seen a big red truck which everyone was curious about and ran over to the door. Miss Hansani and Miss Jess had said ‘fire truck’ everyone screamed in excitement. Miss Jess took everyone outside to see the wonderful fire truck and everyone stood near the fence and looked out as the smiled and giggled to the big red fire truck. Miss Emma, Lauren, Shae, Crystal, and Jess all walked each baby down to see the big fire truck. Miss Jess had heard Olive say ‘WOW’ and seen Oskar and Loki’s face when they were in front of the truck. Oskar, Olive and Loki were all excited to have a look inside of the fire truck as they were very eager to stand at the front of the line. While walking inside the truck they would see radio’s, seats, steering wheel, and buttons for the fire truck. Once they all walked across the fire truck and exited through the other side Miss Emma was waiting on the other side with a big orange sticker for all our friends. Once everyone enjoyed a wonderful time exploring the fire truck as we got a photo with all the firer fighters and the big red fire truck. We all walked back inside to see a wonderful activity Miss Jess had setup which was red paint on a tray for all the children to roll the fire truck car in then rolling in along the white paper. What fun this was! Daisy, Oskar, Loki, and Olive all enjoyed rolling the car in red paint, as they tried pronouncing the colour to Miss Jess. Fantastic to see everyone having a go. Once everyone completed this wonderful artwork, we had explored the room, as it started raining and couldn’t go outside, so we enjoyed home corner playing with the fidget spinners, reading That’s Not My… books and imagination play with the animals. While we had been exploring the room, Chester had come over for a play as he was completing a transitions day with his friends in babies two which he loved! Oskar had shown him around the room, as they both enjoyed exploring home corner together. Before lunch everyone washed their hands and sat down at the table nicely waiting for lunch. Today for lunch we had enjoyed superhero Mediterranean vego pizza which everyone loved! They also enjoyed some pineapple, beetroot, peas, corn, olives, carrot, and cucumber. Olive enjoyed the olives as she tried them, and everyone loved the vegetables which was wonderful to see.

This Afternoon we hope everyone will enjoyed exploring outside before moving inside to babies two room for closing.

Much Love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess xoxo