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Jingeri families,

We have been treated to an unexpected all girls day today, with only Ivy, Indi and Ruby joining Miss Hansi and I for what has turned out to be the loveliest morning. While I have had a day or two with just the boys, this is the first time we have had a room full of only girls. Total bliss!

So what resulted was a noticeably calmer time together, full of quieter moments of communication and learning. Ruby and Indi inspired each other to perfect getting on and off the push-cow, and they are now lifting their leg over nonchalantly. Ruby is definitely beginning to set off on her own, taking independent steps on multiple occasions without any assistance. Her confidence is growing and her adventurous side is taking over. Indi is enjoying having her friends get up to join her in her explorations, as she takes on the room with pure pleasure. Both of these girls have been excellent companions for Ivy today, as she watches them both closely for some final tips on walking. Her balance is improving and her steps are co-ordinated and stable which means that practice is making perfect. Such an interesting time.

We also went out into the front outdoor area for an amazing session in the morning shade. The girls had such fun in the sandpit and the water trough, and the fresh air made us all feel good.

I look forward to tomorrow.