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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two. This morning we welcomed Olive, Daisy, Bella, Oskar, Braxton, Loki and Roman with big cuddles. We waited in the small yard until all our friends arrived. Loki, Bella, Olive and Oskar enjoyed climbing on the wooden climbing frames as this is their favourite experience now. Then we all moved to the big yard and enjoyed the play experiences we set up all around the yard. Olive was so excited to find the book corner where we set up the mats, pillows and books. She sat down and started to have look on the books that she found. Loki absolutely loved to play in the sand pit. We already set up the sand pit today as Loki was very excited to jump into the sand pit yesterday. Loki joined with Oskar and they found some buckets and shovels so they can start dig in. Bella, Braxton and Roman enjoyed walking on the balancing bridge. Bella was so confident to walk on the bridge without any hesitations. Miss.Hansani helped Braxton and Roman to go on the balancing bridge as they approached this challenging experience with confident. As Daisy still getting used to the new environment, she had lots of cuddles from her educators.

Then we enjoyed some morning tea after washing hands while we were all sitting at the table nicely. Then we decided to engage with a painting experience which can help children to develop their fine motor skills. Hand and eye coordination and enjoy sensory skills. So Miss.Jess bought some black, red and yellow colour paint to represent the indigenous culture as we planned this week with activities related to indigenous culture. We encouraged children to dip their fingers in the paint and run the fingers on a white paper. Children loved using their fingers instead of using the paint brushes as they can feel the texture and the coldness of the paint.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess