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Good afternoon to our lovely families,

Cannot believe it’s already 6 months into the year wow time flies! We’ve seen our friends move up and move into our room. We’re also welcomed lots of new friends into babies two. We would like to thank everyone for a fabulous year we have had so far and cannot wait to see the future.

Today we had welcomed Oskar, Loki, Bella, Braxton, Daisy, Zeppelin, and Olive into our room. Upon arrival everyone was giving lots of cuddles to their friends and educators as we greeted them into the room. We had enjoyed exploring some of babies two room before moving outside to explore the yard. We enjoyed seeing the babies and interacting with our friends from babies three as well. But before we knew it was time to head inside to wash our hands and have some morning tea. For morning tea, we had enjoyed watermelon, orange, and a yummy apple ginger seedy slice which everyone enjoyed. However, everyone loved eating the juicy oranges as they giggled and smiles at each other at the table. While everyone was eating their yummy morning tea Miss Jess had set up a fine motor painting using cotton balls. Everyone was excited to do some paining as they have been extremely interested in painting recently.

Once everyone was finished and had been cleaned up it was time to complete the painting activity using purple and green paint as the children dipped the cotton balls into the paint. Bella, Olive, Loki, and Daisy all enjoyed dipping the cotton ball into paint then dabbing it onto the white paper, they were excited to see the shapes it had made. Both Olive and Bella had noticed when dabbing the cotton ball onto both colours it was mixing the colours together. Both girls had found this interesting as they pointed, and Miss Jess explained mixing colours together. Braxton was unsure about the cotton ball, as the texture was soft and fluffy, and he didn’t like but continued to have a go. After we finished with the cotton ball painting it was time to head outside to complete another activity Miss Hansani had setup an activity which involved a funnel and sand. Miss Jess had shown all the children how to use the funnel, as the tipped sand onto the top and watched it slowly come out of the bottom. Lots of children were surprised and excited for them to try it themselves. Once children were finished with the activity, they moved further into the yard to explore. They had found 3D shapes, walking the bridge, seesaw, slide, balancing beam, and dolls, which everyone enjoyed exploring. At 11am it was the m time for some delicious lunch which was beetroot, peas, corn, pineapple, cucumber, carrot, and our main dish was Greek spanakopita parcel, also some children enjoyed some salmon. All the children had enjoyed the spanakopita parcel which had filled their and ready for rest time.

We would like to apologise as the photos will not upload as there seems to be something wrong with the program. We hope to upload them tomorrow. We do apologise again, as it’s the best part seeing the photos.

Much Love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess xoxo