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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies three… It has been such an amazing day in our room as usual. We welcomed Parker, Bella, Olive, Braxton, Loki, Oskar and Winston this morning with lots of cuddles. We spent the whole morning outside exploring our outdoor yard as our little babies absolutely love the experiences that we set up outside. Parker, Oskar and Olive loved the sea saw and they sat on it one at a time. good sharing friends. Bella, Winston and Loki enjoyed sliding on the slide. Bells was helping her friends to get on the slide saying ‘’ common… let’s go… ready….’’ Well done, Bella. Braxton enjoyed sitting at the bouncing sensory mat laughing and watching his friends around.

After enjoying our yummy morning tea, we engaged with a group time. Miss.Hansani brought a vegetable basket with potatoes, tomatoes, lemon, garlic, eggplants and carrots. We explored this little vegetable basket while we were outside. When Miss.Jess said ‘’friends come have a look what’s in the basket’’. Everyone was so curious to find out what was in there. Bella and Olive recognised carrots and tomatoes. They got surprised to see all the veggies and started touching them and rolling them on the floor. Bella tasted a carrot while Winston was tasting a piece of lemon. Olive and Loki tasted an eggplant but of course she did not like the taste. It was such a good opportunity to feel different texture and observe different colours and sizes of different veggies.

Then it was time for some art works. As we are doing fruits and veggies this week, we wanted to do something different. So we encouraged children to do a corn painting using pink and blue colours. They loved dip the corn in paint and roll it on the paper. It was so much fun. Then we engaged with a group painting using green and blue colours to celebrate the ‘’Earth Day’’. we encouraged children to use paint brushes, their free hands and feet to make this beautiful painting on a big white poster. They absolutely loved getting messy and freely use their hands and feet.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess