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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two for this Tuesday. Miss Steph and Miss Hansani welcomed our babies in the morning and had lot of fun during the day. We were busy with indoor and outdoor activities all day.

Children have been choosing to play outside in the morning. Miss Hansani and Miss Danica joined with the babies to play outside. Children were enjoying their balancing skills by walking on the steps and playing around the obstacle course. They were interested on push cow, tricycles and the police car. Everyone enjoyed riding on the police car and tricycles. We were practicing sharing while playing so everyone can get chance to ride.

After the busy play we had our delicious morning tea. we are focusing on self help skills with our little friends. So, Miss Hansani and Miss Danica helped them to feed by themselves. Children loved it. We keep doing that for every meal everyday as they can learn how to use spoons and folks to grab the food. It was lovely to see how they use their fingers to hold the spoon.

We had a nice water play outside before the lunch. Miss steph filled few tubs with water and put some dishwasher as we can clean our toys while playing. So, children have been engaging with cleaning toys to kill germs today. The enjoyed water play splashing water around and touching the bubbles. They love sensory activities.


It has been an amazing day…

Looking forward for tomorrow….