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Good afternoon to our lovely families …

What a wonderful start to Tuesday we had all welcomed Winston, Loki, Parker, Bella-Rose, Valencia, and Oskar to babies 2 room. During the morning we all enjoyed exploring our room with babies 3, as we interacted and made lots of memories together.  While exploring the room, Parker enjoyed reading the books and sitting with friends. Oskar enjoyed exploring home corner and making some yummy food for his friends and educators. Bella-Rose enjoyed having some cuddles with Miss Jess this morning. Winston and Loki enjoyed building tall towers and trying to knock them down, as they knocked them down, they would giggle and laugh with their friends. Valencia had just arrived in time for some yummy, delicious morning tea.

After filling our tummies, Miss Nads our wonderful office lady had brought in a variety of orange fruit such as oranges, rockmelon, and mandarins. The fruit is for a wonderful activity based around Harmony Day.  Each fruit are different but when they are being rolled down a slide, they are the same, For when they land it’s also different. Meaning each child, person is different on the outside but on the inside they are the same. Each child listens, feels, ears differently however in some way they are the same on the inside.

This activity was wonderful as babies three had come over to join and everyone had a go rolling a whole fruit down the slide and seeing where it would land. Every child enjoyed it as they would pick it up and do it again. After a while, all the children thought it would be nice to eat some of the fruit, but they did not like it once trying. Next, we all moved to the table for a group craft activity. We all completed a blue collage for World Water Day which was on Monday. We had blue paint with glue mixed in and pom poms, postictal sticks, paper, and pipe cleaner to stick onto the paper with the paint. What fun we all had however we did not like our hands becoming sticky, so we washed them off in the sink.

Afterwards we explored the room, as we could not go outside which we love! But Miss Hansani and Miss Jess had setup some books and cars to play with. Valencia enjoyed exploring home corner, and Parker loved having cuddles with Miss Jess. Loki, Winston, and Oskar loved playing with the colourful blocks again. This time they each tried the build something. And Bella-Rose enjoyed just having a little rest on the pillows as it had been a big day for her.  We all got ready for lunch by washing our hands and sitting nicely at the tables. Miss Hansani was immensely proud!

This afternoon we will continue the explore inside due the unexpected wet weather we have been having the pas couple day. We hope this rain goes away as we want to go outside.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess

Sorry for the Tuesday blog being late. we do apologize and hope everyone enjoy the photos and the activities that we completed. we all had lots of fun!