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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two room for a beautiful Tuesday. Today we welcomed our babies in the morning and enjoyed all day with our little friends. Children have been choosing to spend most of the time outside. Max, Noah and Ruby were very interested on the little obstacle course and they loved to walk by putting their feet in the middle of the squares. Cameron and Thomas loved to play with the trucks and push the fast. Elliana enjoyed the nice weather while she walks around, and she loved to communicate with the toddlers in the big yard.

We have been practicing hand washing all day and it was lovely to see that our friends follow the instructions. And we had our delicious lunch after play and enjoyed sitting together. After lunch we spent most of the time inside and some of our friends went to sleep. Children have been choosing to read some books and enjoyed some relaxing music.

And then we had another play session outside and had some fresh air. We enjoyed watching horses too.


It has been a lovely day….

Looking forward for tomorrow….

Love from Miss Hansani, Miss Dominique, Miss Danica