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Jingeri families,

As Tuesday brings us another day closer to the end of November and closer to December, we are starting to see the Christmas cheer lighting up the centre. As the festivities promise lots of good things, preparations begin for the busiest time of the year.

Today was a great day of play, with Indi and Finley being joined by their new friend Ruby again. As we concentrate on active learning, we used the words Up and Under to use our bodies to describe a concept. By reinforcing the adjective each time the action occurs, the children can begin to associate the movement with the word. While we incorporated the capitol U sound yesterday, today we are practicing the lower case phonetic ‘u’ as we hide Under the blankets together and throw toys Up in the air. There is no shortage of active learning in this room, which will support the integration of knowledge from the physical to the intellectual.

Indi is now walking with complete confidence, balancing and squatting down with ease. This is clearly inspiring the other two children, who are both only minutes away from taking off themselves. Finley is concentrating very hard on getting himself onto the push-cow. He will not accept help, but is rather determined to conquer the beast alone. I will support him to keep trying safely until he masters the trick of getting his leg up and over the seat. Ruby is using the colorful walker beautifully as she navigates herself across the space. Her balance is excellent and she can bend and maneuver easily, so I feel it is just a bit of practice and confidence needed.

I look forward to tomorrow.