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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two…today we welcomed Olive, Bella, Oskar, Winston, Loki and Braxton this morning. Everyone was so happy as we could spend all morning outside until the morning teatime. Braxton is slowly getting used to his new environment and his friends. He slowly moved away from the educators this morning and started to play with the little walkers. Oskar was so excited to show his walking with his shoes on. Once he wanted to take them off, he gave it to Miss.Hansani saying ‘’Ta’’. Olive was so excited to greet her friends this morning saying ‘’ Hello’’. Olive has recently started to talk to her friends with their names and she also recognises the other friends from different rooms. This morning I’ve noticed that Oskar and Loki put their dummies away happily without any tears and they continued playing with their friends.. Well done…

After morning tea time, we encouraged children to explore some indoor experiences as we had such a busy and fun time outside this morning. Winston and Bella loved to play with the monkey and lion. Winston was looking at monkey and started to shake his hands saying ‘’Hi’’..  Bella loved to lay on the lion as it was so soft and comfy. Olive, Oskar and Loki played in the home corner pretending that they were cooking some veggies in the pan. It was so nice to see that Winston started pointing at his body part with the song ‘’heads and shoulders’’.

This week we are planning to do some simple science experiences. so, today Miss.Hansani set up the table with some cups with little bit of yellow, green and blue colour, some bicarb soda and vinegar. We let the children to choose the colours that they want to use and encourage them to watch this exciting experience. we poured some vinegar into the paint and then put some bicarb soda in it. children were so surprised to see the reaction as soon as we mixed it. the colours exploded with like thousands of small bubbles and they disappeared so quickly. We only encouraged children to watch this and smell it to make sure the safety.

Then we headed back to the outdoor yard to explore some more outdoor experiences.

Much Love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Tatiane