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Good afternoon Families…

Welcome to babies two. This Morning Miss Hansani and Miss Danica welcomed Chester, Oskar, Daisy, Loki, Zeppelin, Tommy and Braxton with lots of love. We explored free indoor experiences with babies three and babies two friends until we split into our own rooms. Around 8.30 am when everyone’s arrived, we all got changed one at a time. Until we have morning tea, Chester, Loki and Oskar stacked the rings with Miss Hansani on the big green mat while Daisy was sitting next to us playing with the soft Lama. Braxton loves crawling around the room and tries to walk around the furniture to demonstrate his balancing skills. Tommy and Zeppelin played with their favourite soft toys and fabric books while sitting with Miss Danica.

For morning tea we enjoyed some yummy cakes with strawberry and raspberry puree.

For the group time we sat at the book corner and sang ‘’Baby shark’’, ‘’Five little ducks, Bee bee bumble bee and Twinkle twinkle’’. Loki, Chester and Braxton were really interested to show their dancing skills during the song. With everyone else practiced clapping while we were singing.

After exploring indoor experiences, we headed to the outdoor yard. Outside, Oskar enjoyed sliding on the slide with Loki. Then Loki found a truck and started to push it down on the slide with Oskar laughing and clapping. Chester had a look at the sea animal book while sitting at the book corner while Daisy was going on the dinosaur. When Daisy has finished her turn she offered the dinosaur to Chester. Good sharing Daisy. Zeppelin and Tommy enjoyed their bottles outside while laying on the mat and they loved watching their friends playing around and have some nice and fresh air. Braxton absolutely enjoyed pushing the mower around demonstrating his balancing and gross motor skills. Today we chose to engage with a play dough experience with cookie cutters and rollers. This helps us to develop our fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination skills. Oskar, Daisy, Loki, Braxton and Chester absolutely loved rolling them on the table and make different shapes using cookie cutters. For lunch we enjoyed some yummy pasta with a salad bar.

Each friend’s sleep times vary depending on their routines.  All our friends followed their own sleep routine and they slept well in their cots with some nice and calm music inside. For afternoon tea we will be enjoying some fresh fruits and yummy healthy cookies. We will be engaging with free outdoor experiences as we spent most of the day exploring indoor activities.

We practiced our self-help skills by using spoons, finding drink bottles from the trolley and putting our hats on. Also our new goal is to encourage our babies to find their bags from the shelf and find the cots for sleep time.

For one on one time Miss Hansani Sat with Zeppelin and Tommy and offered them little shakers and encouraged them to shake and listen to the sound they make. Also we found the colourful soft rainbow pieces and handed them to our babies to develop their fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination skills.


Much love MIss Hansani and Miss Danica