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Hello families

Welcome to the babies two room with our beautiful little friends Cameron, Elliana, Finley, Noah and Thomas. Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lilly welcomed all babies in the morning and had so much fun during the day.

we started our day playing outside in the big yard as children love explore the challenging activities most of the day. so, they have been engaging with obstacle courses such as, bridge, steps and the squires outside. Finley, Noah, Elliana and Cameron were so excited to walk on the bridge together.  They also could play with their friends from babies three in the sand pit together. We had a transition to the sand pit after the obstacle courses as Cameron and Thomas were so interested to dig the sand pit using the shovels.

After the busy play we had our morning tea…yumm… Then Children have been choosing to play inside with the sensory bottles and the sticky wall. we decided to make a sticky wall for our babies as they can develop and implement their fine motor skills. so we encouraged our babies to stick and take off the pom poms and paddle pops using their fingers. It was a nice simple experience as children can engage any time with their friends. I’ll be adding more ideas to the sticky wall in coming weeks.

In the afternoon, children have been choosing to play outside with the connecting ball, tricycles and the stacking rings. As an extension for our sensory activities, we set up a table with sand, wood pieces and scoops so they can grab the sand and the wood pieces from the scoop to fill up the basket. It was nice to see that all the children are demonstrating their fine motor skills and gross motor skills to engage with the activities we set up everyday.

have a lovely day…

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss. Lilly….