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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcomed Valencia, Olive, Parker, and Loki in the morning with big cuddles. It has been such a beautiful day today. we did lots of indoor experience during the day as it was bit wet and rainy outside. In the morning, we explored some musical instruments in babies one room with all other friends. Children loved all these different music instruments as they make different fun sound. Then we played outside a bit and headed to our room. we washed our hands and grabbed our chairs and sat at the able to have some morning tea. Olive and Parker was so excited and said ‘’Tea’’ after seeing food.

Then Olive and Valencia played in the home corner together sharing the spoons and food. They enjoyed mixing the salad bowl and put the vegetables in pots and pans. Then we did our artwork using recycling pool noodles and a hollow sphere shapes cardboard which everyone enjoyed painting with.  Everyone enjoyed the shape painting as it was something new to all as we dipped the shapes into red paint and dabbed it on to the green paper. Both objects were a different texture as we all used our investigation had and decided to feel and play with the pool noodle. It was a funky texture which we all loved! After completing the painting, we all went over to the block stackers and enjoyed some time stacking the blocks onto of one another then nocking them down. We all giggled when someone nocked them down.  Parker and Loki decided they wanted to make Miss Jess a salad, so they sat at the table and made Miss Jess a yummy salad from the home corner food. Valencia and Olive both decided they wanted to play with the dolls, they pushed the dolls in the pram and helped pat the babies to sleep. It was amazing to see everyone interacting and sharing as a group. After having, some free time inside, we washed our hands and sat down at the table ready for lunch. while waiting for lunch Miss Hansani had a new son for us all, the new song was Grandma, Grandpa. There were some puppets to go along with the song which we all enjoyed. Miss Jess then read everyone a book which was The Naughty List which made us all giggle. We also played with the puzzles while waiting which was lots of fun as there were; dinosaur, farm animals, enchanted animals, and jungle animal puzzles for us all to complete. It was then time for some yummy lunch which filled our tummies.

This afternoon unfortunately it too wet to go outside dur to the rain that we have received during the day. We hope everyone is have a fantastic day.

Much Love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess 😊