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Good afternoon families.

Today we all explored babies 3 room as for this week it is the new opening and closing room for babies. Parker and Winston enjoyed spending some time with their friends from babies 1 and 3. After we had moved over into our room where Olive, Valencia had arrived in time for a little play before morning tea. For morning tea, we had some yogurt with fruit which was delicious!

We then had some free time exploring the room, which Winston enjoyed playing with the blocks and Valencia enjoyed reading the Easter books and feeling the different textures. Parker and Olive enjoyed the new cars blocks we had been given. Everyone had also seen the new chunky Peggy stacker that Miss Nads had given us, we all had a go and every interested in seeing the pegs fall after building a tall towner. Thank you, Miss Nads we love it so very much! Miss Jess had some fun Easter craft activities for us all to complete which were a foam rabbit head and we decorated it with some Easter stickers and glitter. Parker, Bella, and Valencia had found it hard to stick the stickers on as they were very sticky for them to stick onto the rabbit. Winston loved putting his hands in the glitter and feeling the texture of it, as it was a unusual texture to him. The second craft activity we all loved was the painting. Winston had his “wow” face on as he was surprised and excited the do some painting. We each had watched each other complete their painting. Parker, Olive, Bella, and Valencia all loved the painting so much they asked pointed t complete more. It was wonderful to see everyone was having fun completing the Easter activities.

 After we had all cleaned our hands it was time to explore the outside environment.  We all ran to the door and shouted, “outside outside”. Bella, Parker, and Olive all had a go completing the obstacle course and going down the slide. once when they finished going down the slide, they would clap for each other and say “whoo”. It was amazing to see them all encourage each other. Winston enjoyed spinning the wheel and pretending he was on a pirate ship. He would point and giggle the continue the steer the wheel.  Valencia enjoyed singing row row your boat with Miss Jess, as we both giggles when we screamed for the finishing of the song. While exploring the yard we had a surprise visitor… some of us didn’t like but we later enjoyed our little gift we received which was a egg with a Easter sticker inside. We thank the Easter bunny for our gift it was truly kind!

We hope everyone is staying safe during this time, as for the recent events due to COVID. We send our love as we understand how hard things are right now and we are all here to help.


Much Love Miss Jess and Miss Shae xoxo 💕