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Hello and welcome everybody to our day today in Babies 2.

Welcome to our day in the babies two room with Miss Hansani and

Miss Steph to tell you all about today’s proceedings. We can’t wait to dive right in…

We started our day in the babies three yard where we were busy playing with the trucks, the push cow and also, watching to see the big trucks coming to drop some food for the center which we found to be very delicious for our morning tea.

Today we learnt about UP and DOWN with Miss Steph. Today’s focus was learning on the see saw, boomerang cushion, play dough, paper plane and hoola hoops if you could believe it. The things you can be creative with is just so super exciting and amazing for language development.

Noah used the opportunity to use the see saw to play the UP/DOWN game


Ariana used cleaning the see saw in an UP/DOWN motion to display her concept of the game.

Ellianna used the boomerang cushion to grasps the concept of Up

and DOWN

as her means of learning

and Finley used the boomerang cushion to grasps the concept by sitting up on the cushion

and then by falling down onto the ground.


Noah was very patient waiting for his turn to then also try this UP/DOWN game out.

We also used playdough to be creative with learning UP/DOWN. When it was on the table it was up and then when it was on the ground it was down.



Finley waited patiently for the concept of the aeroplane flying up in the sky and crashing down when it landed on the ground.

Finley using the aeroplane concept and

Jackson used the hoola hoop holding it up and dropping it down.

Extending from this we then did the aboriginal acknowledgment.  Here is the land, here is the sky, here are my friends and here am I. Noah pointed up to the sky while pointing out telling everyone what he could hear.

We have been very busy all day having so much fun with all our little friends.


Thank you for all our friends for using their waiting skills for each of our turns at the UP, DOWN games. Its been such a pleasure and joy to share this beautiful day with you all.

Love Miss Hansani and Miss Steph xx