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Jingeri families,

An outstanding Tuesday with a full house of amazing children. Finley, Ruby and Indi were joined by their new regular friend, Ivy today and she has proved be be more than a worthwhile addition to the team.

After working on our V Vocabulary yesterday, today we began with our active learning. This allowed me to incorporate Visual elements with some Violet bubbles to splash around in and Velcro to stick together and tear apart. We also reinforced our knowledge of Vegetables and their importance to our health.

Ivy had a spectacular first day, as she confidently engaged in a variety of activities with her new friends. She was quick to watch and respond to their prompts, getting involved in a wonderful game of hide-and-seek in the tent. She is also just beginning to balance on her own so she thoroughly enjoyed the walker toys. Indi is moving around with ease and testing herself with new additions to her physical repertoire as she bends and stretches and squats for anything she can see. She is tough and confident and she expresses such joy in playing. Finley is showing a really playful side to his personality this week, as he clearly interacts with us in moments of laughter and games. He is social and funny, and enjoys being around friends. Ruby enjoyed the tent most of all today, taking many opportunities to lounge back under the privacy of their little nook. She is very delicate with her friends, but is gently engaging in full group activities. Four friends getting to know each other, in a space where they belong.

I look forward to tomorrow.