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Jingeri families,

It has been a positively lovely day today, enjoying the company of six of our little friends: Noah, Cameron, Finley, Ruby, Max and Thomas. The weather has been pleasantly gloomy, making it cooler to enjoy outside.

As it was Tuesday today, we got to focus on the learning outcome encouraging children to be confident and involved learners. This refers more specifically to the aim of nurturing a natural curiosity towards discovery. Developing their individual capacity for persistence and perseverance. All of the children are demonstrating the most wonderful enthusiasm for adventure. They are all eager to move around and see everything the room has on offer at any moment.

Our young Thomas has had an an exceptionally good day. He is becoming familiar with us all and beginning to investigate independently, which means he can enjoy the luxury of some alone time studying his surroundings. Beautiful progress. Max is also exploring the full extent of the space, finding interesting things in all four corners. He clearly enjoys searching through the baskets to find something new on his own. Ruby is babble-talking more than ever, maintaining the most entertaining monologues I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. She laughs at her own jokes, and uses gestures for emphasis. Just spectacular. Finley is happy to engage in the conversation with her, as they discuss whatever plan they are continuously re-negotiating. They are excellent learning partners. Noah is pushing up to standing from a crouch now, balancing for long seconds on his own. He is fearless as he tests his remarkable power, and I have no doubt he will be walking very soon. It is so exciting. And Cameron is simply doing better every day, choosing to move from our outdoor space to our indoor space freely. He is more relaxed and becoming very interactive with his friends. He loves a good chat at mealtimes especially. Miss Hansani and I are so pleased with our little humans.

I look forward to tomorrow.