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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcomed Daisy, Parker, Bella, Oskar, Loki, Winston and Olive this morning with lots of love. Daisy’s first day at kindy today and she was able to build up such a good relationship with his friends and educators. all our babies were very excited to welcome Daisy this morning. We waited all our friends to arrive and enjoyed some yummy pancakes and fresh fruits for morning tea while we were sitting at the table.

Then all the kids ran into the door as they wanted to explore outdoor yard. All our children waited in a line to put their hats on and then they walked into the yard. Parker, Bella and Olive loved to go on the see-saw singing ‘’See-saw up and down’’. Winston and Oskar enjoyed pushing the pram while someone was sitting there. Loki absolutely loved the soft blocks castle and he enjoyed walking around them and restack them when they fell on the ground. Daisy loved watching his friends playing around while she was getting some nice cuddles from our educators. You will get used to our big play yard Daisy.

Then Miss.Jess set up the table with the materials that we need to do our Mother’s Day craft. We let the children to paint a big wooden heart by themselves to show mommy how much they love them. Also, we let our babies to choose the colour as their interest. Oskar, Olive, Parker, Loki, Bella and Winston used the paint brush to dip in the paint and colour the love heart. Daisy used her little fingers to create her craft as she loved touching paint. It was such a good opportunity to practice our fine motor skills and sensory skills through art works.  It has been such an amazing day to stat the week.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess