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Jingeri families,

Oh my goodness, where do I even begin! Our room kicked up a gear today as we added a few more perfect little creatures to our mix. Such an exquisite collection of baby Animals learning to be themselves. Unreal.

So our alphabetic inspiration for today, Action, comes from our Early Years Learning Outcome for Tuesdays where we focus on Active Learning. And Activity was certainly in abundance today as nine young people got to know each other, some more familiar than others. Finley, Indi, Emmett, Ivy, Noah, Thomas and Max welcomed Cameron and Ariana for their first day. And I could not be more proud of all of the babies for making it through the understandably overwhelming experience. Action from the word go, everyone moved from one experience to another, negotiating each new challenge with their new friends. Exhausting, frustrating, exciting, delightful. Sensory overload for sure.

We got to spend some time in the glorious warm morning under our shaded area – Paradise. Finley and Emmett could not be pulled away from the sandpit, digging and excavating galore. Ivy was walking everywhere, through the sandpit and exploring every corner. Ariana loved the balls so the outdoor patch was ideal, ans she and Indi had a great time running up and down together. Noah is so fast now, and was pulling himself up to standing with ease. We even got to see some steps on the walker later in the afternoon. I cannot believe we are already there. Thomas was off today too, moving around the space more freely and even crawling through the bookshelf. He has a very adventurous glint in his eye, young Thomas. Cameron had an excellent first day as he got accustomed to the unusual surroundings. He was even exploring the room independently and engaging with friends. And Max was amazing. Miss Hansani and I were both so happy with how confident and secure Max was throughout the day as he set off to discover all the strange new things in the strange new room.

I look forward to tomorrow.