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Good afternoon families.

Welcome to babies two. This morning we welcomed Zeppelin, Oskar, Loki, Braxton, Daisy, Bella, and Olive with lots of cuddles. We had a little play inside in babies two to warm up a bit. Inside Olive, Bella, Daisy and Oskar enjoyed pretend play in home corner while Braxton and Loki Had all the puzzles on the mat and enjoyed putting the puzzles together with Miss. Hansani and Miss Jess Zeppelin had his morning nap while everyone was busy with their indoor experiences. Then Zeppelin enjoyed looking at his favourite little soft toys and, he loved touching them as they were nice and soft. Then Miss Jess sat at the table with Zeppelin and all other friends to read a story before the morning tea arrived. Miss. Jess read the ‘’Silliest Scarecrow’’ for our babies. They kind of sticked to the story time as they enjoyed watching the big pictures and lots of animals. Then we had our yummy morning tea while some of our friends demonstrate their self-help skills and others practice their self-help skills.

We mixed light blue, dark blue and white paint on a tray along with a tub of sand to engage with an artwork for the ‘’World Ocean Day’’ today. We encouraged children to use a flower instead of paint brushes and create their own artwork. On one half of the white paper, we created the ocean and on the other half we sprinkled some sand to create a beach. It was such a beautiful artwork. Well done friends.

In babies one yard we set up a big sensory tray with blue piece of papers, shredded papers, sea creatures and sand to play with. We all jump into the little creative ocean. It was such a nice experience for our little babies’ hands to develop their sensory skills and hand and eye coordination skills.

Then it was time to explore the big yard before the lunch time. We engaged with some challenging experiences and a sensory tray full of blue paper to represent the ocean and sand for the land. We also added buckets and puzzles pieces for fish. The children enjoyed exploring the sensory tray.

we do apologies for no photos as the system is still playing games. we will have then displayed on the bag shelf for all families to see.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess xoxo