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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two room. It has been an amazing day with our little friends. We started our day playing outside while we were having some fresh air. Children could play with all their friends from next doors until we have our morning tea. Elliana and Jackson were so exited to explore all the toys, trucks, and the sand pit. Elliana enjoyed throwing sand and dig some sand using a shovel. Jackson enjoyed push the trucks on the sand pit with his friends. After that, children have been choosing to play with the push trucks. They enjoyed push them fast around the yard and enjoyed different sound come from the floor when they are pushing on cement floor and grass floor.

After busy play, we had our morning tea together in babies one room. It was nice to see all the babies are enjoying their time together. Then we headed to the babies two room for rest of the day.

We had a nice time together doing lot of things inside. Elliana and Jackson enjoyed playing with the trucks, aeroplane, and the indigenous instruments.

We are focusing on self help skills with our babies. So, before the lunch time Miss. Hansani gave instructions to walk into the bathroom and wash their hands properly. Jackson was very exited to turn on the tap and Elliana was exited to dry her hands and put the paper towels into the bin.

In the afternoon children have been engaging with some Mother’s Day crafts for this weekend.

We spent most of the time outside in the afternoon as they love our play yard. We enjoyed watching the horses over the fence while we were playing.

It has been a beautiful day…

looking forward for tomorrow…